Jeu d'échecs gratuit en ligne. Jouez aux échecs immédiatement avec une interface simple. Pas d'inscription obligatoire, pas de publicité, pas de plugin. Jouez aux échecs contre l'ordinateur, des amis ou des adversaires en ligne.
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  1. Notes problem san4e33333 very small window to write there smth
  2. Sharing my autohotkey macros f… Rairden I kno…
  3. ajjajaja noob2chess Nope LOL. I was playing according to his rating xD.
  4. ajjajaja achja @noob2chess #1 ... This was 1 0 or 1/2 0 bullet, right ? :-)
  5. Chessboard fullscreen blackst0ne Hello! I would be nice to have an ability to open a chessboard in t…
  6. Simple but VERY tricky puzzle TTOCS yeah haha I was at it for a while and it is a bit of imagination :)
  7. Tournament names random why? flugsio It's nice for them to have a name, makes them more memorable? https://…
  8. any way to analize a game not … flugsio 1. Play out the game on Analysis 2. h…
  9. ajjajaja noob2chess I got no words LOL.
  10. any way to analize a game not … Tangelo777 Step 1. Create PGN: Step 2.…
  11. Tournament names random why? D4Champion Why is it this way?
  12. any way to analize a game not … iyfut hi, there's a way to analize a game not played (it's a real game) in l…
  13. Caro-Kann classical system adv… FredtheCrusher thanks for the quick answer I´l lookup that one
  14. Caro-Kann classical system adv… LM Lightsss negi's gm repertoire book?
  15. En passant in atomic on androi… pfix Hi, I've played this game recently:…
  16. Caro-Kann classical system adv… FredtheCrusher Hey guys, does anybody know if there is a good book about the clas…
  17. Free Fall GoMentalGoBloody Feel like I'm on a stupidity spree, fell about 200 pts and falling... …
  18. Another one simul ! MessyAnswer Does that mean you aren't going to do any more simuls after today? It …
  19. Correspondence ratings and gam… lemach-in Hello! My actual rating ( which is my best too) is 1723.88, with 2…
  20. Another one simul ! GM chess-stat just one more, and today i finish my simuls )
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