Jeu d'échecs gratuit en ligne. Jouez aux échecs immédiatement avec une interface simple. Pas d'inscription obligatoire, pas de publicité, pas de plugin. Jouez aux échecs contre l'ordinateur, des amis ou des adversaires en ligne.
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 Hourly Blitz 50m  7
 Sutherland  3+0 Rated 40m  5/6
 Garcia  5+0 Atom Rated 25m  1/4
 Leach  0+2 KotH Rated 1h  2/4
 Kang  2+0 960 Rated 40m  13/4
 Skinner  0+2 KotH Rated 20m  18/4
 Abrams  2+0 Anti Rated 40m  5/4
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  1. [GAMES] Post your best games here! orionchess Motion, thanks, it was interesting. I`ve also found another game of m […]
  2. MAD GAME !!! ttttttttttt It was quite a mad game)
  3. Incredible BLUNDER!!!! proof_07 I did notice that with each new game , my chess becomes worse and worse.
  4. Incredible BLUNDER!!!! AceMove3 Lol dude u must feel terrible haha i'm sorry for you : (
  5. Incredible BLUNDER!!!! LM F_D89 It was a blitz game (which "is not real chess" - Botvinnik, Kramnik, e […]
  6. Stockfish 6 is released Clarkey Skill levels are determined my lichess, not stockfish.
  7. Stockfish 6 is released Toadofsky "Regularly" might not be the right word since I've been overwhelmed wi […]
  8. Resignation warning PigsRule Yup, […]
  9. Incredible BLUNDER!!!! proof_07 Sorry, thats right link
  10. Resignation warning I-checkmated I have an idea for resignation warning. Whenever resign button is clic […]
  11. Stockfish 6 is released runpawnrun Oh I didn't know you pull updates regularly from the git repo... That' […]
  12. hiding information; opponents […] s138110 +1, agree completely
  13. hiding information; opponents […] vsim Yes, it hides the titles.
  14. hiding information; opponents […] LM Bikfoot Does it toggle the titles too?
  15. Stockfish 6 is released Toadofsky We're actively working on upgrading the KOTH Stockfish engine... http: […]
  16. hiding information; opponents […] LogicallyCompromised thank you so much good sir! i like how it did not effect the action f […]
  17. [GAMES] Post your best games here! motion Here is another play against stockfish where I lose despite getting th […]
  18. [GAMES] Post your best games here! motion This is against stockfish 4, there […]
  19. hiding information; opponents […] vsim Hey lc, I created a small chrome extension that allows users to toggle […]
  20. Stockfish 6 is released Clarkey We effectively already use it, we take updates directly from the git repo.
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