Jeu d'échecs gratuit en ligne. Jouez aux échecs immédiatement avec une interface simple. Pas d'inscription obligatoire, pas de publicité, pas de plugin. Jouez aux échecs contre l'ordinateur, des amis ou des adversaires en ligne.
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  1. How do I disable automove and […] goldilocks Can't switch it off for your opponent, but you can switch it off for y […]
  2. How do I disable automove and […] gnup That's got to be one of the most useless functions ever invented. You […]
  3. "Blind" match Jaaaaaaaake I really like this idea.
  4. Force resigning civitar I know the force resignation is annoying sometimes for who is winning, […]
  5. MAD GAME !!! zaf888 assess my game guys
  6. WORLD CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH […] kris9191 In my opinion - the winner is........... Владимир :-) and the new wor […]
  7. MAD GAME !!! Kr0n0s recovering after blunder
  8. Puzzles TraderLynch If you're training, the goal *should* be to find the best move.
  9. MAD GAME !!! mCoombes314 The king as an attacking piece : […]
  10. Force resigning acetaminophen A computer can't know the reason why you disconnected, but it can tell […]
  11. Puzzles Vethiz Bah, who cares about? Even being free...
  12. Puzzles chess240 Sorry, but I don't agree. The puzzles say "Good move but you can do be […]
  13. Force resigning Saptarshi10 Yeah it happened with me........... I had a winning position, and my o […]
  14. Force resigning Farside I can understand you plight. However, I have had several games in whic […]
  15. I can't follow a player. Clarkey Maybe tell him to try playing a game and see what happens.
  16. I can't follow a player. Raymondo I am unable to follow my friend Barjavel. Can you help me?
  17. Change Board Size akseb The ctrl + mouse scroll up does at least work well enough for now!
  18. A few questions about my grand […] BobbyLePecheur So, I recently found databases on the Internet of my grandfather's gam […]
  19. Force resigning mCoombes314 A computer can't tell the difference between a bad internet connection […]
  20. I like to see engine vs human matches civitar I think you have a good and interesting idea. Maybe Lichess could make […]
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