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  1. tactical game AM-Veriitas and i think u will find this quite an interesting game i sacrificed…
  2. kunfu chess!!!! Toadofsky #1 Kung Fu chess is hilarious and I've streamed it before! #2 Why h…
  3. tactical game AM-Veriitas which is why i consider it so :p
  4. tactical game AM-Veriitas almost a perfect game if it wasnt for the time wouldnt ve done those o…
  5. Lichess ratings vs ratings els… Hans_Schweinehirt I think you cannot compare bullet rating and FIDE rating. Bullet is mu…
  6. A few suggestions Pineta Hi guys! I´ve been thinking about a few things that would be nice …
  7. kunfu chess!!!! rise_UIED Why is that not a thing on lichess? Man, and I used to believe in this…
  8. kunfu chess!!!! lakdrcjbj-fwn variant of chess (chess withuot turns) in
  9. Comparing human players with c… AM-Veriitas I always wonder how a program of a certain rating would compare with a…
  10. Two Miniature Mate in 2s Caustic Yes, I thought these were great too. Solid work.
  11. Two Miniature Mate in 2s TheIceManV Wow...sat there staring at the screen trying to figure out what the he…
  12. Absolutely flawless game by bo… Isaiah4031 Fantastic job by both of you!! (And i have played each) Two players …
  13. Add more time Toscani The add more time feature is nice. The correspondance games do not ha…
  14. Absolutely flawless game by bo… rise_UIED I wish I could replicate this le…
  15. IN 18 MONTHS, I IMPROVED MY CH… worstplayerever73060 Congrats on your succhess thus far :)
  16. IN 18 MONTHS, I IMPROVED MY CH… MorphyTalFischer #7 Said the guy who is about 1800 after more than two years :D
  17. Two Miniature Mate in 2s BadBishopBoy Very nice, thanks for sharing.
  18. New simul codissocool Forgot to put the link:
  19. New simul codissocool hey everyone, LM Rochade is holding a simul so feel free to join if yo…
  20. Two Miniature Mate in 2s HereComesTheBlunder Wow dude the 2nd one is awesome! Good job! You really know how to make…
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Announcing the second edition of the glorious 24-hour chess marathon!

100,000,000 games played

Exponential growth!

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Conditional premoves for Correspondence chess players, and more goodies!