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  2. Endgame with a lot of pawns an […] Xaver Can someone explain with words what Stockfish thinks that black should […]
  3. ???????? trainingaccount1 I needed to restart my browser, but when I relogged withing about 1 mi […]
  4. Overcoming a losing streak KasparovRod How do you go through this hard moments? As for me, I've been playing […]
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  7. Training puzzles: Mate in N vs […] mandeep Agree with above. Great post.
  8. How about creating Hourly Clas […] KasparovRod Awww yeah! Sounds great!
  9. Training puzzles: Mate in N vs […] static_shadow Except that in training you usually have a coach to tell you. Even the […]
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  12. puzzle #44971 goldilocks I think you are looking at the wrong puzzle, Clarkey :) http://en.lic […]
  13. Training puzzles: Mate in N vs […] Clarkey In a real game do you have something that tells you if it's a mate in […]
  14. puzzle #44971 Clarkey ... I made the puzzles, thx.
  15. mental chess new77 play with stokfish is not bad if thiabult dont want add multiplayer blind chess
  16. Private chat real-time static_shadow Yeah, exactly. Group chat is a horrible idea, and I can definitely see […]
  17. Win against a much higher rated player Babbeo fair of blunders! LOL
  18. puzzle search Pipapoh is there a possibility to find a certain puzzle through search ?
  19. Private chat real-time LM AdmiralA Group chat was on lichess a long time ago and redefined the meaning of […]
  20. puzzle #44971 Pipapoh "Why passively move the king to a1 when there are two rooks for the pr […]
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